La •••••••••• Café.
Identity, Pattern design.

La Madriguera Café (The Burrow) is the best coffee place in Montevideo.
In order to create its identity, we proposed to hide each letter of the name in holes, just as many animals hide in burrows. The idea of hiding the name of the brand, is not generally well received by clients, but in this case it is a conversation starter, just like the coffee. The name of the place quickly became known throughout Montevideo without the need to write it down.

The loyalty card actually show the idea behind the logo. Every time the customer buys a coffee a letter disappears in a hole. To complete their simple identity system, an abstract pattern of a “mulita” (uruguayan armadillo) is used for satisfying their packaging needs.

Design: Diego Prestes.
Photography: Martín Chamyan, Atolón de Mororoa.